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5 Reasons to love South Africa

With the coronavirus happening around the world, here’s a blog post to remind you why we love South Africa. Home to one of the most diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife and world renowned cities, these are some great reasons to stay positive and do our best to fight this virus.


South Africa is the only country in the world that boasts 11 official languages. Our rich cultural diversity can be seen globally in music, art and fashion. We are a vibrant nation, a nation with a sense of humour and a determination to succeed. Our diversity ensures continual excitement and provides richness to our culture and our heritage.

Natural Beauty

South Africa has some of the most beautiful and wild beaches on the planet, undulating mountain ranges, lush forests, and desert skies that turn brilliant shades of amber at sunset. South Africa’s scenic wonders are legendary. From Table Mountain to Blyde River Canyon, our mountains, forests, coasts and deserts will feast your eye and lift your spirit.


South Africa is the adventure capital of the world. South Africa has a wide range of activities available for the adventure junkie, such as: Bungee jumping, white water rafting, hot air ballooning, abseiling, helicopter rides and flips, canopy tours and shark cage diving to name a few.


Due to South Africa’s superb weather, great outdoors and hundreds of unique experiences on offer, you can do everything your heart desires in our beautiful country. You can go wine tasting in the morning, run on the mountains in the afternoon and end the day with a sundowner, listening to the soothing sounds of waves crashing on the beach.

The best weather

South Africans enjoy clear blue skies and abundant sunshine most days of the year. Durban has a tropical climate year-round, while winter days in Cape Town often reaches up to 25C. Johannesburg sees summer rains, but showers never last long enough to spoil your time outdoors.

Despite being the most modern African country, South Africa still offers many of the attractions that draw people to Africa. It is infused with vibrant culture and has the wild African bush at its back door. This is important to understanding why South Africa is such a special place. It has a rare mix of modern development, African culture, outdoor attractions, and untamed wildlife that you will find nowhere else in the world.

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