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Language Recruiters is back with revamped websites

I have excellent news for you, foreign language recruitment specialist Language Recruiters has revamped their websites. Why is that good news for you, you may ask.

Here is why:

Meet your recruiter

Your next career move is important, right? As candidates looking for jobs, you can now not only view jobs in our job section, you can also view your recruiter, or the person who will help you with your next career move. Facilitating a trust relationship as early is possible, ideally while you are still overseas and browsing our website was what we had in mind. Click on the job you are interested in, scroll to the bottom of the page and find picture and short bio.

Sharing is caring

All our jobs now feature social media sharing functionality. If a job is not for you, but for plenty of people you know on Facebook, feel free to be un-selfish and share. Who knows you might help someone to find their dream-job, move to South Africa and get married…you get the idea?


HTML5 is this new programming language that makes everything look modern and beautiful. So we decided to experiment with it too. Where previouly buttons looked like they were fast asleep they are now doing cool unexpected twitches and jumps on mouse over.

Video Content

Video is very hip and happening in 2016 and you will see more and more of it on websites. Cool bite sized video content with latest career advise keeps you up-to date and ahead of the job hunting pack.

Apply with

Traditionally you could apply for jobs by sending CV and cover letter via email. More traditionally you could apply by sending an application letter in the post (uuurrrgh let’s not go there…). We have now thrown social media into the mix. Apply via email, Facebook or LinkedIn. You name it we’ve got it!

More mobile friendly

We know our candidates browse jobs on the go, using tablets and phones. With responsive design and user-friendly navigation, job hunting has become a pleasure. So much so that you should bookmark your favourite job section and pop in once a week. Monthly job mailers are more your thing? Feel free to subscribe to our monthly foreign language job mailer. You will find the subscription form in the footer of our new website.

Check it out and send us your feedback!

Should you be looking for job opportunities in Pretoria, Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban please get in touch!