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3 Amazing small towns to visit in the Western Cape

The biggest problem about visiting the Western Cape is having to choose where to visit! The Western Cape has some beautiful small towns brimming with history-rich character, quaint guesthouses, and interesting places to eat. Here’s a small selection from the plethora of small towns you should give a go when you’re in the Western Cape.

Prince Albert

From the beautiful hand-crafted designs at its Avoova branch, to the cooking experiences offered by African Relish, Prince Albert has a host of attractions to keep you enthralled. This town stands on the edge of the vast expanse that is the Great Karoo, serving as a gateway to that silent and mysterious region. The collection of Cape Dutch, Victorian and Karoo-style buildings in the midst of the desert-like landscape appears like an island in a vast ocean when approached from a distance, but despite the remoteness and arid terrain of this region, Prince Albert managed to grow from a resilient farming settlement into a prosperous town.


Franschhoek is a little cosy town, nestled in between vineyards and mountains. You can expect picture-perfect views anywhere you go. And since Franschhoek is known to be the food capital of South Africa, make sure you go hungry. Whether you’re a tourist visiting the Western Cape for the first time or a seasoned local, Franschhoek is one of the places you just need to add to your “have-to-visit list”.


This quaint Klein Karoo town on Route 62 is best known for its fruit and wine farms, muscadel, dried fruit, charming Cape Dutch buildings and museums, the Cogmanskloof Pass and, of course, its enviable hot springs. Enjoy tractor trips, garden and mountain walks, rock climbing at Legoland and even birdwatching at Leiwater Dam.

The Western Cape is one of the most exciting places to visit in South Africa, while many towns in this province are unique and beautiful, these beautiful small towns offer a truly remarkable experience.

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