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3 Tips for finding a job abroad

We could all use a change of scenery once in a while, and travel is a nice way to switch things up. But sometimes we crave something slightly more permanent. Working abroad can provide you with the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in a different locale. If you’re thinking of moving overseas to widen your career prospects, here are 3 tips for finding a job abroad.

Do your research

Research doesn’t equate with skimming through a travel guide for the country you’re planning to work in. Doing your homework on working abroad – the country’s immigration, tax, and healthcare policies before making any commitments can really help you. And remember, it’s easier to navigate the process in some countries than others.

Position your unique skill set for your target job market

People who land a foreign job tend to present unique skills that their future employers couldn’t fulfil. Most countries have a list of critical skill sets that they look for. Make sure you do research to find on what each country you’re looking to live in is looking for. A critical skill set that is in high demand is language skills, and knowledge of local markets. For example, there is an acute demand for multi-lingual graduates for high-growth careers in contact centre, business development and sales.

Try targeting less competitive cities

When people think of working abroad, they often have ambitions not just to secure a job in a particular country but in a particular city. Well-known cities like New York or London for example have a highly competitive job market. You will be competing against the best people from that country, as well as international talent. Try targeting other great cities like Cape Town, Abu Dhabi and Manchester that have strong-growing job markets. These cities also actively seek international talent, and are considerably less competitive.

Don’t move abroad if you’re looking to find things to be exactly like they were back home. Only when you open your mind to the experience and grasp all the quirks that your new home has in store for you, will the travel journey boost your creativity and become positive.

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