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Working in Cape Town as an Asian expat, you won’t get homesick. You will be surrounded by Japanese and Mandarin speakers in no time.

The Asian culture is big in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban: In total there are 1.2 million Asians in South Africa. In actual fact Asians represent about two per cent of South Africa’s population.

Mandarin jobs in South African have become such an integral part of South Africa during the recent South African history, they are now fully recognised as formerly disadvantaged and in the job market enjoy advantages of Black Economic Empowerment Regulations.

Some of Language Recruiters Asian jobs are customer service positions in the Tourism and Online Poker industry. Customer Service jobs often allow employees to work shifts, which is especially great for Asian speakers wanting to explore Cape Town and South Africa in their spare time. Customer Service positions also often come with work permits and are therefore a great entry point to the South African job market and talent community.

We are well connected to Cape Town’s Marketing, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Finance and IT industry and are fortunate to offer Mandarin and Japanese speakers sought after positions as Digital Campaign Managers, Copywriters, Translators, Financial Experts and PHP Developers.

Browse current Mandarin and Japanese jobs in Digital Marketing, IT, Finance, Events, Tourism and Customer Service below.

Should you have any questions with regard to Mandarin and Japanese jobs in Cape Town, please feel free to contact us. Our international Language Recruiters team is looking forward to hearing from you. Please note our recruitment service is free for our candidates.

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