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Best beach campsites in South Africa

Autumn may have arrived, but it doesn’t mean you should put your beach towel away just yet. From secret beach campsites to safari tents with a bit more luxury. Here are the best beach campsites in South Africa that offer splendid views of the coast.

Victoria Bay Campsite

Victoria Bay camping site is a great place for a weekend break – especially if you love surfing. This beautiful beach camp features an elegant stratified rock on the one side, and a picturesque row of beachfront cottages on the other side. A narrow promenade separates the cottages from the water. Sit above the bay’s charming beach and tidal pool and enjoy excellent sea views.

Kwass se Baai

Located in the Namaqua National Park, Kwass se Baai is one of South Africa’s best beach campsites. This virgin shore runs for around 50 kilometres and the four individual sites at Kwass se Baai have the best setting – on an elevated ridge overlooking a crescent beach, with great views of the sunset over the ocean. Blessed with picturesque sunsets, you’ll get to see wildlife such as antelopes, ostriches as well as the earth’s smallest tortoise, called the Namaqua speckled padloper.

White Clay

White Clay is a tiny, beautiful campsite in the heart of the Wild Coast. It consists of three tiers of level stands on a grassy bank overlooking the sea, with ablutions just a few strides away. All sites have an unimpeded view of the ocean and surrounding cliff-tops, which means you are able to wake up to sunrise over the sea.

What are you waiting for? All you need is good company and a reliable set of wheels, and you’re ready to explore. From bucket-and-spade seaside spots to rugged and remote coastal coves, these beach campsites in South Africa have got you covered!

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