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Best hidden beaches in the Eastern Cape

Some people like crowded beaches while for others prefer endless stretches of sand where they are more likely to encounter perhaps a handful of people who, like them, revel in solitude and natural beauty. The Eastern Cape in South Africa has a number of almost-deserted beaches that stretch to eternity. Here’s a pick of our favourites.


Boknes is probably the best kept secret of the Eastern Cape. The small town has only a handful of shops, run by locals. It is close to Cannon Rocks and Kenton-on-Sea, and yet it feels like you’re on a different planet when you’re the only one on its massive beach. A walk to the nearby Dias Cross is also must if you’re there.

Woody Cape Beach

Slightly more than an hour from Port Elizabeth on the way to Kenton-on-Sea, Woody Cape is run by SANParks as part of the Addo Elephant National Park and is home to the Alexandria Hiking Trail – a tough but spectacular 36km circular hike. Here, visitors can walk the Alexandria Hiking Trail, and the first day covers about 10km along the beach. Some dunes drop almost precipitously into the Indian Ocean and, when the tide is coming in, you have to time your dashes forward when the waves recede.

Chintsa East

Chintsa East is a village outside of East London. It is here where you will find a stretch of beach that is over 20km long, and one that holds it pristine well. Visitors here can enjoy the beach on foot, or the more adventurous ones can experience it by horseback. This beach is positioned next to dense dunes and forests which are teeming with wildlife.

The Eastern Cape probably has the best beaches for surfing in South Africa. Unlike in Cape Town, the water is delightfully warm and the waves are epic as they come. With long stretches of untouched shoreline, the Eastern Cape is the perfect place to find a secluded spot in the sand. This makes the province unique in its offering, with an abundance of raw nature to be surrounded by and enjoyed.

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