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Best places to visit on the East Coast of South Africa

The East coast of South Africa is vast and beautiful. It stretches from Port Elizabeth, past East London, all the way north of Durban. Along this incredibly long strip of coast, you’ll find beach after beach, beachside cities (Port Elizabeth, East London, Durban), towns, river mouths and sleepy hamlets. Choosing where to go may be a daunting task, so we made a list of 3 places you need to visit on the East coast.

Gonubie Beach

Gonubie Beach is one of the best secrets of the Sunshine Coast. Access to this beach is along a raised boardwalk leading down to a beautiful tidal pool. The boardwalk is a fantastic lookout spot for watching dolphins and whales as well as surfers and windsurfers. Lying on the estuary of the Gonubie River and enjoying a wonderful climate, Gonubie Beach is a small piece of paradise on the East coast.

The Hole-in-the-Wall

Hole-in-the-Wall is one of the most impressive landmarks along the entire South African coastline. The rocky archway lies only a short distance from the coastline and, according to geologists, was created millions of years ago by the relentless crashing of waves against sandstone and shale. The nearby village of Coffee Bay is a top choice among nature lovers and backpackers and is as renowned for its friendly vibes as it is for the great socialising.

Alexandria Dunefield

Alexandria Dunefield is a reserve on the Sunshine Coast, Eastern Cape. For extraordinary beauty and solitude, you can’t beat the Alexandria Dunefield. Not only is it huge, but it’s an evershifting ocean of sand. These extensive dunefields cover 142 square kilometers of ground, with some dunes being 2.5 kilometers wide and up to 140 meters high. Some Dunes are lush with vegetation while others lie bare. Amongst these massive mounds are many pockets of bushes that are home to small animals such as the Dune Gerbil which is endemic to South Africa and the Bush Pig, which can be spotted darting around.

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