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Best small towns in South Africa

South Africa may be home to big cities known to many around the world, but there’s so much more to see than just the big cities and busy museums. From farmland, to national parks, and even vineyards, open wilderness, and mountains; visit these charming small towns in South Africa and explore the other side of the country.


Set in the Overberg region, with the Sonderend mountains as a backdrop, Greyton is all oak-lined lanes and itsy, bitsy country cottages. Greyton has certainly embraced the slow life, but there’s still plenty to do in around this sleepy Overberg small town. Like so many in the country, this place began life as an agricultural village and soon grew into the town it’s known as today: quaint and quiet, with nice restaurants and cafes to sample when the heat gets too much – a combination of old-world charm and modern conveniences that keeps people coming back for chilled weekend breaks.


Also known as ‘the jewel of the Free State,’ Clarens is a picturesque artist’s small town in the foothills of the Maloti Mountains that stretch to the landlocked Kingdom of Lesotho. The village is surrounded by the Rooiberg mountain range and to the southeast are the purple and blue Maloti mountains, making for a particularly picture-perfect setting in verdant countryside. From galleries and quaint clothing stores to the popular craft brewery in the town centre, there’s much to keep visitors busy.


The heritage sandstone cottages of Cullinan in the Gauteng province make wandering around this famous town a lovely experience. Cullinan is only a short drive from Pretoria and this small town boasts a bustling street lined with cafes, restaurants and, surprisingly, some of the best Greek food you’ll find in South Africa. The rugged terrain surrounding Cullinan is also popular with more adventure minded visitors.

If you’re looking to escape all the noise and bright lights of South Africa’s big and popular cities. Make sure you visit one of these small towns.

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