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Best South African getaways for nature lovers

Most people who travel to South Africa are attracted to the great nature that this country offers. Of course, there are also cities and beaches, but few things like the great African landscape will be able to make your adventure unique. Here are some perfect getaways in South Africa for nature lovers.

The mountains of the Magoebaskloof

At the north eastern tip of the Drakensberg experience the misty mornings, green hills, forests draped in tree ferns, moss, fungi, liana’s and tangled tree matter of the indigenous forests, and accompanying plantations, of the ‘land of the Silver Mist’.

The Sabie waterfalls route of Mpumalanga

Take the R532 from Sabie to visit Horseshoe, Lone Creek, Bridal Veil, Mac Mac, Lisbon and Berlin falls. There are more waterfalls here than anywhere else in the country, adding further beauty to the river canyons, mountains and bush for which the province is famous.

Kruger National Park

You cannot think of visiting South Africa without stopping at its most famous national park, the Kruger National Park, where you can make unforgettable safaris in search of the famous Big Five, but also birds, reptiles and beautiful plant species. Those who love wild nature and close encounters with animals will feel at home here.

Namaqualand flowery desert

Did you know that in South Africa there is a desert that blooms once a year? The Namaqualand desert between August and September is covered with wild orange, yellow, and pink flowers: a breath-taking show! For this reason, Namaqualand has been counted among the 25 most precious places in the world from an ecological point of view. In addition to flowers, the Namaqualand houses many plants that are found only here and about a thousand succulents.

Prince Edward Islands

Marion and Prince Edward Islands are marine protected areas in the sub-antarctic Indian Ocean 1 900 km south east of Cape Town. The combined size of the Free State, Lesotho and Swaziland they form the world’s largest biodiversity hotspot, alive with albatrosses, penguins, killer whales and Patagonian toothfish stocks, a breeding ground for seals, penguins and albatrosses.

If you’re up for a nature adventure when you’re in South Africa, make sure you visit one these places. If you are looking for exciting career opportunities in South Africa, please click through to our job section.