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Best winter getaways in South Africa

Some getaways are just better in winter… South Africa is known for many things, from its beautiful beaches, friendly people, countless game parks and iconic landmarks, but it’s the amazing weather that makes for satisfying travelling all year round that’s the cherry on top. The beauty of South Africa is that there are so many options for great getaways during winter. From mountains to beaches there is somewhere to suit everyone and every budget! Here are our favourite South African winter getaways.

The Karoo

The Karoo in the centre of South Africa might be the last place you would consider for a winter getaway due to the low temperatures. This is definitely the place to head to “get away from it all”. If you’re craving vast night skies, endless horizons and limited cell phone signal you need to plan a visit to the Karoo this winter! Yes, it gets frosty… but nothing a good jacket, wooly beanie and pair of gloves can’t sort out! And as the day unfolds you can peel the layers off to enjoy the warm sunshine.

Golden Gate National Park

The Golden Gate National Park is exquisitely beautiful all year round but becomes something truly special in the wintertime. Its famous orange hues turn to white as winter visits the Free State. Snowfall is regularly recorded in the highlands, and the mountainous snow-capped lands of Lesotho lie just to the south-east of the town.

Durban and its South Coast

These two KwaZulu-Natal kids will always feature on top winter destination lists, with the tropical climate in this part of the world making it the ideal retreat during the chilly season. It’s during the winter months when the humidity of Durban’s summer gets swapped for pleasant, mild days that are still comfortably warm. In fact, sometimes temperatures can rise enough for you to head to the beach and even take a sneaky swim in the Indian Ocean (if you dare!) The beautiful South Coast, with its countless resorts and gorgeous beaches, retains its usual charm during the winter, but without all of the crowds – yes please!

Mbombela and Kaapsehoop

Another tropical winter getaway spot is undoubtedly Mbombela in Mpumalanga. Even though the mornings and evenings tend to get a bit chilly, the reality is that during the day it’ll be hard to believe that it’s actually wintertime! The city has many fantastic sights to see, including the Lowveld National Botanical Garden, Sudwala Caves and Chimp Eden, but it’s the fact that it’s literally down the road from the famous Kruger National Park that makes it a worthwhile base or stopover.

The best way to capitalize on the cold weather during the chilly season is to head of somewhere charming. These winter-friendly escapes around South Africa will appeal to all sorts of travelers, from bush lovers to beach enthusiasts.

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