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Celebrating another successful year

If there’s something our team knows how to do really well; besides being great recruiters of course, is how to throw amazing year-end functions. From weekends away and thrill rides to paintballing and the best themed parties – we always go the extra mile, and this year wasn’t any different

One thing that stays consistent with our year-end functions is that it’s always a secret, so no one really knows what to really expect. We started our Friday with a lovely breakfast and were soon off to our first destination…

Life Day Spa in Rosebank was our first stop and I think everyone can agree that getting massages and manicures at this time of the year is really needed. This also included a bit of bubbly to get us relaxed and excited for what was next. We spent some time relaxing in the spa’s amazing pools and steam room before we got dressed in our glamourous outfits for lunch at our next destination

Taylor Swift made a feature in our little roadtrip to the next destination (Yes, we are amazing singers too!). Our lunch destination was at the Flames Restaurant at the Wescliff Four Seasons Hotel. The view of this place was spectacular, and obviously the selfie kings and queens didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the great view and lighting. It was then time for Secret Santa where we unwrapped our gifts and toasted to a great year. After enjoying our delicious meals and champagne, we were back on the road and onto our final destination

Our final stop was at Hint Hunt in Illovo where we had to put our brains and team skills to the test. Hint Hunt is a mind-bending escape game, where you get locked in a room with your teammates and have to solve puzzles and open locks in a fast paced hour. The experience was amazing and it just confirmed why we’re such a great team

After two rounds of games at Hint Hunt it was time to go home – time really does fly when you’re having fun. We said our goodbyes and all went our separate ways. Of course our work WhatsApp group was busy with pictures being sent around and conversations about our amazing day being had. I’m sad that it’s over but it did get me really excited to see what next year brings!