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Working in South Africa, especially Cape Town as a French resident, you will feel like you have arrived at home away from home. French is widely spoken around South Africa. Not only by the descendants of early French settlers, but also by West African parking attendants who look after your car all over Cape Town.

French culture can be seen in Cape Town and the grander Western Cape region. This is not surprising, seeing the early settlers were of French origin.

Vineyards, tunnels, mountain passes and towns were named after French families coming to the Cape region for refuge from Louis XIV relentless prosecution of protestants.

Today the French culture is apparent everywhere in Cape Town and “Frenchies” coming to Cape Town don’t only enjoy French food, culture and humour, they also get to enjoy nine months of summer, a beautiful mountain in the backyard, a beach lifestyle and a relaxed “now-now” culture.

Yes of course, we do offer Contact Centre positions in the Tourism and Online Gaming sector for French speakers. Having worked as a Customer Service Agent at some stage in your life looks good in your job portfolio. It also proves to other potential employers in South Africa that you are people-oriented and friendly, which is important in any position in South Africa and overseas.

Contact Centre jobs in Cape Town come with work permits and are therefore a great entry point to the Cape Town foreign language job market and talent community.

Language Recruiters benefits from established relationships with the South African Marketing & Communications, Advertising, Finance and Information Technology industry. We are fortunate to present French native speakers with sought after job openings as Digital Campaign Managers, French Copywriters, Finance Executives and Developers.

Browse through current French job openings in Digital Marketing & Communications, the Events industry, Tourism Sector and Contact Centre below.

Should you have any questions with regard to French jobs in Cape Town, please feel free to contact us. Our international team at Language Recruiters is looking forward to hearing from you. Please note that Language Recruiter’s recruitment services are free for candidates.