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German Millenials And Their Mums: Switched On Job Hunters

“World of Work” study shows: parents are still leaders and consultants; Job change often involves other industries and other tasks.

When changing jobs, 25 percent of the German Millennials (18-36 years) want to change not only the company, but also into a different area of ​​responsibility and another industry. 13 percent even think of setting up their own business. This is demonstrated by the results of the current YouGov Study called “World of Work” study among 4,114 employees in Europe. The majority of this generation knows exactly where to go: 70 percent say they know exactly what they are looking for in their next job. 53 percent say that they are looking for something new, different and are convinced to achieve this goal. Clear objectives exist – is it always clear how to get there?

“We were not surprised that today’s job-seekers clearly defined their goals, which fits in with the image of the Millennials, but the study also showed that German students seem to know where and how they are looking for a new job. 86 percent said they would know all the possibilities for a job search on the Internet. This means they are clearly ahead of the Millennials surveyed by other European countries who are less knowledgeable (UK: 71 percent, France: 59 percent, Netherlands: 70 percent). The following platforms are used for job hunts: job exchanges (59 percent), Google or other search engines (36 percent), the company website (56 percent) and professional networks (25 percent). Candidates are also addressed directly by companies (40 percent) or by acquaintances (34 percent). Asked if they know where to find advice on CVs, preparation for the interview and self-presentation, German young professionals also judged their knowledge at 73 percent.

Parents are among the most important councelors

Asked who can best assist them in the search for the next job, the responses of the young workers showed that they have an extensive network of consultants. It is above all the best friends (28 percent) and the partners (26 percent) who help; As well as current (23 percent) and former colleagues (23 percent). But even the parents are with 22 percent among the favourite counselors. In an international comparison, parents in Germany are significantly higher in the popularity scale than in the other countries, where they are only 14 percent. Good preparation helps with the application.

Even if the Millennials know exactly where they want to be, the job interview is about selling this clear vision. It is a good idea to get informed about the company and to state clearly why you want to work there.

The World of Work 2016 is a broad and representative study conducted by YouGov in the period from May 11, 2016 to May 25, 2016. YouGov is an international market and opinion research institute from the UK. The 4.114 employees surveyed are 18+ years old and work full-time or part-time in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands. The group of workers surveyed consists of the three population cohorts Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers. The results were compared with the estimates of 4.114 employers. To this end, 458 staff and recruiters from companies, consisting of HR managers and decision-makers from the recruiting department of companies and organisations, were interviewed.