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Browse current Greek Jobs in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town offers a variety of opportunities for foreign language speakers, including Greek language speakers.

The Greek community in South Africa currently counts 13,000 inhabitants.

Some of Language Recruiters Greek job openings are Cape Town Contact Centre positions in Travel and Tourism and the Gambling and Online Poker Industry. Customer Service jobs often allow foreign language candidates to work shifts, which is especially nice for those Greek language speakers wanting to explore Cape Town and South Africa in their spare time or lie on the beach when everyone else is working. Customer Service positions also often come with work permits and therefore form great entry level positions to the South African job market and Cape Town business network.

Having said that however and being part of a specialist recruitment service in Marketing, IT and Finance called, Language Recruiters is well connected to Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban’s Call Centre,Marketing, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Finance and IT industry. This enables a foreign language recruitment agency, like Language Recruiters, to offer Greek speakers sought after positions as Digital Marketing Campaign Managers, Greek Copywriters, Greek Translators, Greek Financial Experts and Greek Developers.

Browse current Greek jobs in Communications & Marketing, Events, Travel & Tourism and Customer Service Centres below.

Should you have any questions with regard to Greek jobs in Cape Town, please feel free to contact us. Our international team at Language Recruiters is looking forward to hearing from you. Recruitment assistance and advise are free for candidates.