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Living & Working in Cape Town

Cape Town was appointed the World Design Capital in 2014 and it’s not difficult to see why. It is a city where a new generation of creatives and bohemians are building and forming a city in their own unique and stylish way. And this is a good development so far!

Living in Cape Town: The great outdoors

Cape Town is a vibrant, creative and easy-going place that attracts people from all over the world. No wonder! This city offers a mixture of nature activities with the beach and the mountains close by and for metropolitans, it also has a bustling city center. So no matter if you want to go hiking up one of the significant mountain trails, freshening up your tan on the beach or drinking cocktails with your friends in town, you’ll find the right spot.

Its friendly and open-minded people make Cape Town a very special place where you will feel at home instantly.

Living in Cape Town: Finding accommodation

Starting your new life in Cape Town begins with finding accomodation. Property prices in Cape Town vary per suburb. The city bowl is a little bit more expensive than the suburbs but if you search carefully, you can find very good deals.

The most cost-effective way of living in the city bowl is to share a flat or house with other people. This is also a great way to make new friends as Capetonians are outgoing and quick to include you into their social circles. If you’re lucky, you might even find one of the lovely victorian houses that give Cape Town its unique character.

There are a lot of resources around to assist you with your hunt for living space:

Living in Cape Town: Restaurants and pubs

After a tough work day, you can find hundreds of bubbly and extraordinary bars that are open every night of the week. Capetonians love to meet up with their friends after work and enjoying a beautiful sunset while they chat about the day with a refreshing cold beer.

Lunch or dinner is very affordable in Cape Town. There are plenty of restaurants where you can get a variety of great meals and South African food is known for its quality. If you like eating seafood, you definitely came to the right place! Fresh fish is one of the most delicious dishes and there is a constant fresh supply. For the more adventurous, why not try something new that you have never tasted before? There are extraordinary opportunities to try game meat like crocodile, kudu or zebra.

Living in Cape Town: Fashion and shopping

Find Cape Town’s local fashion at a variety of independant boutiques on Long and Kloof Street. Here there is a selection of affordable fashion which is uniquely Capetonian. For bigger shopping trips, there is a variety of shopping malls like the V&A Waterfront and the Garden Centre in and around the city bowl. A short 20 minute car drive away, there are regional malls like Century City, Tyger Valley and Cavendish Square, where you can find a huge collection of not only fashion shops but also book stores, electronics, household goods and much more!

Working and living in Cape Town is an extraordinary experience and will give you the opportunity to see how different cultures form one vibrant city – that you have no choice but to love!

Should you have any questions with regard to living and working in Cape Town,  please do not hesitate to get in touch.