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Making the move to Cape Town

Mountains and natural marvels, pristine beaches, a vibrant city centre, and suburbs with a multitude of unique personalities make Cape Town a top tourist destination, and one of the most perfect places you’ll ever move to. Repeatedly featuring in and topping the lists of the best cities in the world, Cape Town’s popularity rests on its celebrated natural beauty, mild climate and the relaxed lifestyle of its residents.

The media and advertising industry, the IT sector and asset management businesses are well represented, and a relatively high proportion of expats working in Cape Town can be found in one of these industries. The city is also a bastion of creativity and there are plenty of opportunities for young people to expand their artistic abilities while embarking on a creative career – those with a focused entrepreneurial spirit often find success.

Tourism and hospitality services are also thriving industries, and many expats from abroad find employment in positions where knowledge of a second language, apart from English, is a necessity. Foreign nationals will, however, need a work permit to be legally employed.

International film crews love working in Cape Town. The efforts of the Cape Film Commission have made the city a popular backdrop for various large foreign film and TV productions, proving time and again that shooting in Cape Town meets even the highest standards. Another side effect which is more than welcome was, due to the heightened interest in the city as a filming location, a large amount of people have found jobs working in Cape Town’s film industry or related sectors.

With the Western Cape being back on track economically and showing signs of growth in many sectors, there is great demand for highly qualified expats in Cape Town. This is due to widespread brain drain, both in the region and the entire country.

Capetonians are a unique blend: cool, calm, and cultured, but street smart and good humoured too. It’s a place where vision and dreams are priorities and the bigger picture keeps growing – no wonder, with the awe-inspiring views from every corner of the city.

With beautifully diverse landscapes – from mountain ranges to coastal havens – South Africa offers plenty of great places to settle. But if you’re more of a city-lover with a business-oriented mind, Cape Town might be the place for you.

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