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Our expert skills in recruitment make job searching more efficient

Job searching can be both exciting and dawnting. Having a professional recruitment consultant by your side, who knows your specific industry and their role players, will ensure that your job search is more guided and efficient.

Job seekers that apply through Initiate International are assured of strict confidentiality. Candidate’s resumes or personal information will only be provided to clients after gaining our candidates approval to do so. Reference checks will only be conducted with the candidate’s consent and will be co-ordinated by our consultants. Candidates that are successful in being selected for interviewing can expect a full and thorough briefing on the job opportunity. This will include both job specifications as well as the client’s requirements such as cultural or personality fits.

Everyone who has been on a job search in South Africa knows that being at the right place at the right time is crucial. As recruitment industry experts, we are in touch with the dynamics of the industry. This means that we know, for instance, which digital agency is hiring or opening new branches.

Initiate International’s team are specialists in providing pro-active recruitment services to exceptional job seekers. As most quality candidates know, it is all about timing. Working with a recruitment consultant who is in tune with the industry and its role players means that the candidates have access to vacancies before they even reach advertising stage. Keep in mind, that for exceptional candidates, positions sometimes get created.


Our approach has brought some great feedback from our candidates and below is a small sample:


“Having worked with other recruiters gave me a credible reference point by which to compare the difference in service and support provided by Initiate International over other recruiters. The sheer time and effort Lois Bright put into working with me was far beyond my expectations. Lois’s highly personalised and holistic approach placed her in a different league. Lois was more concerned about finding the right opportunity for me. We sat together face-to-face on multiple occasions and had a number of long telephonic conversations with Lois and her team. By the end, she had worked to get to know me and my desired career path. This resulted in the right match between my career goals and my current employer. Initiate International really knows how to get it right.”

– Megan Easey (Candidate)

“Matt is amazing… he really got to know me. I got the most constructive criticism that I ever had. Matt focused me on the job search; it was a real collaborative effort…side-by-side, coaching, mentoring. I would not have gotten this job without him!”

– Stephanie Phillips (Candidate)


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