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Reasons to move to Durban

Equal measures of sunshine, seaside, culture and great cuisine make Durban an unforgettable destination. Durban on the east coast of South Africa has often been overshadowed by its popular sisters, Johannesburg and Cape Town, but this laid back beautiful seaside town is slowly making waves. So what is it that’s causing Durban to make waves among the travel enthusiasts? Here are 4 reasons to move to this gorgeous city.

Warm throughout the year

Don’t be surprised to see Durbanites wearing flip-flops and shorts in winter. It’s standard apparel all year round because of the city’s great weather throughout the year. Durban is the ultimate holiday destination because the weather is always good. The sunny weather, warm Indian Ocean, and warm Mozambique current keeps Durban warmer than the rest of the country. Dubbed South Africa’s playground, the day always promises to be warm whatever the season.

Best beaches in South Africa

Durban has some of the best beaches in South Africa and unlike some of the more advertised beaches on the west coast that border the frigid Atlantic Ocean, Durban has the warm Indian Ocean and the warm Mozambique current that make sure the water stays toasty throughout the year. The Golden Mile is a prized stretch of land along Durban’s North Beach that is popular with surfers, fishers, joggers, and offers some of the best beaches in Kwazulu-Natal.

The laid-back lifestyle

When it comes to the laid-back stakes of coastal cities in South Africa, Durban wins hands down. Slops and shorts are standard apparel, all year round – even the winters in Durban produce balmy days that easily give Mozambique and European summers a run for their money (in fact, they’re better, even, than the city’s sticky summers). Durban has been likened to the Mediterranean for its beach-bum vibe and relaxed atmosphere.

The culture

The city is multicultural, depending on where you go. At Durban’s beachfront, for example, you’ll find people of all races, classes and backgrounds surfing, biking, running, taking a stroll, having a braai, dancing, enjoying a group workout-by-the-ocean, or just lazing around. One is also spoilt for choice where street markets, craft markets, art museums and historical tours are concerned.

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