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Relocating to South Africa: A glimpse of what its like

Relocating to a new country is nerve wrecking if you do not have all your ducks in a row. The most important things to bear in mind when relocating over and about the immigration procedures are job security, cost of living, climate, cultures and customs, transport and safety, just to name a few. Our main focus would be relocating to South Africa highlighting the misconceptions, pros and cons.

As referenced on InterNations, there are 9 provinces in South Africa and these are Eastern Cape, Freestate, Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, Northern Cape and Western Cape. Amongst the mentioned provinces there are 3 expats hotspot destinations and these are Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Having mentioned the above, expats relocating to South Africa would need to choose wisely where they need to relocate to.

There are numerous job opportunities for foreign nationals relocating to South Africa. Most would be aligned to the ability of speaking a foreign language. Expats would need to identify themselves with specialists in foreign language recruitment. In as much as South Africa has a lot of lovely leisure destinations, the bills need to be paid. As mentioned above, hotspot destinations are the job hubs for foreign nationals relocating to South Africa. There are a lot of companies with a global presence based in these areas which makes it easier for foreign nationals to secure employment.

It is important to understand the culture of the area you are relocating to. There are numerous communities that are focused on foreign nationals that have been established with the courtesy of helping those relocating to adapt more easily to their surrounding but of course these are very small communities and there is still a huge need for those relocating to equip themselves and learn more about the cultures and customs of the local individuals.

There are a lot of misconceptions about South Africa. The most hilarious I’ve ever come across being that there are only black people in South Africa and that Africa as a whole is a jungle. South Africa is referred to as a rainbow nation because of the mixed races, need I say more? As a foreign national and having relocated to South Africa in 2008, I thought I would not have a normal life with all the criminal activities that I assumed would be occurring around me on a daily basis, 7 years down the line, I am still here, as normal as one can be. What country doesn’t have a little bit of crime?? These misconceptions prevent a lot of folk from exploring South Africa. Living in the 21st century we can now research on numerous platforms on how to live in South Africa, where to secure employment, where to hang out, even where to go shopping.

Johannesburg is well known for its great sunny weather and fast paced way of living. The city is often described as Africa’s economic powerhouse, and contentiously as a modern and prosperous African city as referenced by Wikipedia. Cape Town is well known for its good climate, natural setting, well-developed infrastructure and laid back way of living and the number 1 hub for foreign nationals. It is not only the most popular international tourist destination in South Africa, but Africa as a whole. Durban is well known for its beautiful warm weather, laid back way of living as well as cheap cost of living. The city is also a gateway to the national parks and historic sites of Zulu Kingdom and the Drakensberg. It still remains the 3rd richest city in South Africa.