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South Africa sweeps the World’s Travel Awards!

Get ready to pack your bags and buckle up because the verdict is in! The readers of The Telegraph have spoken, and they made a choice that will set your wanderlust on fire! Drumroll, please… South Africa has been crowned the absolute BEST country to visit on this fabulous planet of ours! And hold onto your hats, because the party doesn’t stop there – Cape Town, that dazzling city of wonders, has snagged the title of the best city in the world!

South Africa has always been the kind of place that takes your breath away with its jaw-dropping beauty, from the majestic Table Mountain in Cape Town to the golden savannahs where lions and elephants roam free. It’s like a traveller’s dream come true, sprinkled with cultural and historical significance that makes your heart sing with delight.

But guess what? We’re not the only ones who’ve caught on to this African wonderland’s magic! Over 30,000 lucky souls have given it their stamp of approval in The 2023 Telegraph Travel Awards. And you know what that means, right? It’s time to add South Africa to the tippy-top of your travel bucket list, pronto!

Picture yourself sipping on some of the finest wines in the world while overlooking vineyard-covered hills as the sun dips into the horizon. Or maybe you fancy getting up close and personal with the famous Big Five during a thrilling safari adventure. And let’s not forget the bustling city life of Cape Town, where you’ll find vibrant markets, delectable cuisine, and a lively energy that’ll make your heart dance.

Here are the countries which featured in the Top 10 Best Countries in the world to visit:

  • South Africa
  • New Zealand
  • Maldives
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Italy
  • Kenya
  • India
  • Costa Rica
  • Botswana

These top cities were crowned the Best Cities in the world to visit:

  • Cape Town
  • Venice
  • Seville
  • Vancouver
  • Rome
  • Florence
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Sydney
  • Kyoto
  • Dubrovnik

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your passport, your sense of adventure, and your wildest dreams – South Africa is calling, and it’s ready to show you the time of your life! With the best country and the best city in the world waiting for you, this is one journey you won’t want to miss. Let the safari of a lifetime begin! 

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