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I am writing this letter to share my experience with Language Recruiters and with Andrew Wicks. Our journey started when I registered as a Norwegian skilled applicant. From there Elle took contact with me and let me know of my options. I was introduced to two different companies which I felt both were a match in one way or another. I felt particularly attracted to one of them more than the other so that is the one we focused on.

The company which I am now currently working for had a long and meticulous recruitment process. Andrew guided me through the entire process. At every step she took the time to call me, invite me to the offices in Johannesburg, or write me text messages to would keep me on track on what I needed to do to prepare me for the upcoming interviews and challenges. She urged me on and kept me confident and motivated.

I am here now because of Andrew and Language Recruiters, and for that I will be always be grateful.

Norwegian speaking Media Analyst