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Things to do in Mafikeng

Mahikeng (formerly, and still commonly, known as Mafikeng) is the capital of the North West Province of South Africa and is a cultural jewel. It offers so much to visitors in terms of fascinating history, culture and hospitality. For historians, archaeologists, casual visitors, and nature enthusiasts alike, Mahikeng proudly fills its corner of the North West Province.

Mafikeng game reserve

Mafikeng Game Reserve is a beautiful reserve located along the municipal boundary of Mafikeng. Covering an area of 4,800 hectares of open Kalahari grassland and acacia thorn bush, the reserve is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including white rhino, buffalo, gemsbok, and giraffe which can be viewed and photographed. Facilities include braai and picnic sites, an entertainment lapa, and an educational programme for kids.

Wondergat Diving

Wondergat is an outstanding cave diving spot near Mafikeng in the North West Province where you can reach depths of up to 70 meters (only safe at this depth for advanced and technical divers) depending on the season. This natural dolomite sinkhole is a popular spot to gain some deep diving experience. Although there is not a lot of fish life here besides the Southern Mouth brooder and the Sharptooth Barbell which can often be seen, the walls of the caves are fascinating and filled with magnificent formations. An underwater torch is necessary as the cave is dark, although guide ropes are around to assist your dive, this will help you navigate your way through the caves more easily.

The Mafikeng Museum

If South African history – indigenous, colonial, political and heritage – grabs you, take an hour or two to wonder the Mafikeng Museum. Housed in an ornate old building dating back to 1902, the Mafikeng Museum offers some interesting and diverse displays that take in all of the above. A retired steam locomotive outside the museum, as well as displays of prehistoric artifacts will appeal to children and adults. Displays concentrating on Tswana culture and history tell interesting stories of the heritage and history of the region’s people.

Mahikeng is the vibrant provincial and commercial capital of the North West Province. It’s interesting history, rich culture and wildlife variety makes it worth a great trip when visiting South Africa.

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