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Things you’ll learn when you visit South Africa

Thanks to a large part to its accessible wildlife, beautiful scenery, competitive prices, and friendly, welcoming population, South Africa has become a top global tourist destination since the advent of democracy. There are some things that many visitors don’t know until they actually spend some time in the country on an extended visit. Here are 4 things tourists will learn during a trip to South Africa.

South Africa’s constitution is one of the most progressive in the world

South Africa’s constitution is one of the most progressive and inclusionary in the world. It was the first constitution to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation. South Africa is also the fifth in the world; and still the only one in Africa to legalise same-sex marriage. This makes South Africa one of the most open and progressive nations.

Braaing is not the same as barbecuing – and it will change your life

South Africa produces more beef than any other African country, and its population consumes vast quantities of meat each year. A lot of it is cooked on an open flame, or braai, that any local will say is a process unique to the country. Though it resembles a traditional barbecue, there are several small variations and traditions that make braaing different and a matter of national pride.

South Africa is a large country

South Africa is a very big country – it is approximately twice the size of France, so tourists shouldn’t expect to see it all in a week. Make sure to plan your routes carefully beforehand, as exploring South Africa can take months if you want to cover it all. With limited public transport options, it pays to rent a vehicle, but the roads, signage, and general infrastructure is world class.

The country has the longest wine route in the world

South Africa is a major player in the global wine industry. Though South Africa is only the eighth largest wine producer in the world, the country is home to the longest wine route. This wine route stretches along the southern coast, from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, and is 850 kilometers long.

Tourists can learn so much in South Africa. If you’re looking for an exciting job opportunity, make sure you click through to our job section.