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Tips for working remotely in South Africa

Remote work is an excellent opportunity to take a break from your usual work surroundings. You’ll enjoy the change and get the chance to explore beautiful places throughout South Africa whilst working. Here are some tips on what to keep in mind when choosing to work remotely in South Africa.

Stay connected

One of the most common pitfalls of working while travelling is unreliable or weak internet connection. What else could damage remote work more than not being able to attend an important Teams meeting or not being able to complete that deadline on time? Always check the internet speed with a the hotel / Airbnb before making a booking. Even if the area has on average good internet connection.

Consider working outside of your Airbnb/ Hotel

Just because you’re away from your normal desk doesn’t necessarily mean all the work has to be done in the rental unit. If you have the type of job that allows you to work in a coffee shop, why not work in a coffee shop? Of course, working remotely in public places can add a layer of distraction that might be unwelcome. But if you can hone your attention in laser-sharp focus, you might find yourself working better.

Think about time zones

You don’t want to spend your time getting up at the crack of dawn or working into the night. Try to pick a location with a similar time zone to the rest of your colleagues (we recommend plus or minus two hours as a maximum). This means that you’ll still be able to attend all the important meetings but you can also go out in the evenings and have a social life.

Bring the right tools and equipment

When working remotely somewhere, you’ll be renting a place to stay. That place won’t have all the equipment you are used to. You’re not buying a new home, you’re just switching the place you live for a couple of weeks. So when packing for a workation, make sure you bring the tools you need in order to get work done. Take a look over your schedule for the workation period and see what gadgets you need.

Workations can be a lot of fun. They can even increase productivity – if done properly. Find the right type of lodging, establish a workspace and routine, set out some specific goals, and have fun!

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