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Unique experiences you’ll only have in South Africa 

Thanks to its accessible wildlife, beautiful scenery, competitive prices, and friendly, welcoming population, South Africa has become a top global tourist destination. Here are our favourite experiences you’ll only find in South Africa.

Swim with penguins

Sure, there are other places on the globe where you can see penguins. But where else than on our beautiful shores can you swim with them?  Hidden deep in the southern suburbs of Cape Town on the False Bay coast, lies Boulders Beach. It’s Insta-famous for being the home of over 3000 African penguins. The granite boulders shelter the clear, turquoise water of a small bay, creating a calm natural swimming pool. It’s perfect for swimming and paddling and snapping selfies with a waddling penguin. But steer clear of their beaks! 

Hole in the Wall: 

Hole in the Wall near Coffee Bay in the Wild Coast is a sandstone wall with a hole carved out of it. What makes the site truly Instagram-worthy is that the sea crashes through it as the tide comes in. Expect cows, traditional isiXhosa villages and not many other people. The area is magical, unspoiled, and wild.

Braaing is not the same as barbecuing

South Africa produces more beef than any other African country, and its population consumes vast quantities of meat each year. Much of this is cooked on an open flame, or braai, that any local will say is a process unique to the country. Though it resembles a traditional barbecue, there are several small variations and traditions that make braaing a matter of national pride.

The longest wine route in the world

South Africa is a major player in the global wine industry. Though South Africa is only the eighth largest wine producer in the world, the country is home to the longest wine route. It stretches along the southern coast—from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth—and is 850 kilometres (528.2 miles) long.

Cape Malay cuisine

Nowhere else in the world can visitors experience Cape Malay cuisine. It’s a style that is truly South African, infused with the diverse flavours of our multicultural heritage. A Bo-Kaap cooking class and tour is a must-do when in Cape Town. Learn how to roll koeksisters and make delicious dhaltjies, bredie, biriyani, bobotie and more, so you can add these local favourites to your repertoire of recipes. 

Make sure to try everything on the list when you’re visiting South Africa. If you’re looking for an exciting career opportunity, please click through to our job section.