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Unique things to do in the Northern Cape

The mostly desert and semi-desert region that lies south of the Orange River has, contrary to expectations, some of the most incredible landscapes, a history rich in San rock engravings, gloriously clear skies, and starry nights among its claims. South Africa is home to many unique experiences. If you find yourself in the Northern Cape, here are some places to check out.

Riemvasmaak Hot Springs

Nestled between the Orange and the dry Molapo rivers, the Riemvasmaak hot springs formed from volcanic eruptions that occurred centuries ago. The area is known for its quad-biking, 4×4 and hiking trails to the Orange River. The entrance fee of R25 grants travellers access to the best hot springs, pools, and hiking trails in South Africa.
Adventure Motorbiking.

Many of the same reasons that make The Northern Cape an ideal 4×4 destination also make it ideal for adventure motorcycling. Also known as dual sport motorcycling, the concept is to offer riders scenery, history and challenge in a non-competitive, on-road / off-road riding experience. All of the regions in the province have extensive dirt-roads, of varying condition to ride on.

Augrabies Falls

You’ll find yourself hypnotised by the forceful and endless movement of gushing water. Standing at the main viewpoint, witnessing the Orange River in this form is an entirely different experience. The waterfall will make for stunning photographs. Augrabies Falls National Park offers game drives, walking trails and dining options. The sight (and sound) of the mighty river dropping down the cliffs at Augrabies Falls is worth experiencing at least once in your lifetime.

At first glance, it might seem like nothing much happens in the Northern Cape. But the open and vast landscape and its characters are full of life.

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