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Visiting Hogsback

They say nature is one of the quickest routes to relaxation and Hogsback is the perfect place to experience it all. Hogsback is an enchanting, tranquil place that begs for exploration. From picturesque spring to vibrant autumn, bracing winter and lush summers, Hogsback always offers visitors a worthwhile outdoor experience. With its gorgeous forests, waterfalls, flowers and mountains, Hogsback has an atmosphere of pure fantasy. Here are our top picks on what to do in this amazing serene small town.

Madonna and Child Waterfalls

Madonna and Child Waterfalls is located in the blissful and serene village of Hogsback. The waterfall’s name originates from the outcrop of rock on the face of the falls which forms the shape of a “Mother and Child”. Hiking routes to the Madonna and Child waterfalls will take you through the indigenous Tyumie forest. At the bottom of the waterfall is a pond perfect for cooling off and indulging in the peaceful surroundings. There are also other paths to further explore that stem out into the untamed forest.

The Auckland Nature Reserve

The Auckland Nature Reserve is the oldest forest in South Africa and one of only 2, grade 1 indigenous forests in the country. The reserve is pristine and has huge indigenous trees, such as Yellowwood, Iron Wood, Stink Wood and many others. As a result of this pristine environment, extremely rare species such as the Cape Parrot, Knysna Lourie and Samango Monkeys are still flourishing here.

The Eco-Shrine

The Voice of the Earth Eco-Shrine is a unique outdoor garden shrine with paintings and sculpture overlooking the Hogsback mountains and Tyume Valley. Diana Graham built the Voices of the Earth Eco-Shrine to celebrate the fact that we are an integral part of the earth and the universe. The Eco-Shrine has won several international and local awards including the Green Dove Award from the United States, a Mail and Guardian Green Trust Award, and an Eastern Cape Premier’s Award.

Hogsback offers the visitor a rich variety of things to do and experience. And, of course, the opportunity simply to forget the rat-race for a while and chill out in the most beautiful and tranquil of environments in South Africa. It’s definitely worth a visit!

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