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Why work with Language Recruiters

Because we understand our target group!

Language Recruiters, is an established recruitment consultancy sourcing South African and foreign candidates across Marketing, IT, Finance, Property, Gaming and Business Process Outsourcing.

Responding to an increasing demand of foreign language speakers, Language Recruiters, specialises in sourcing candidates with native foreign language skills. In-house immigration service Initiate Immigration assists with all work visa related questions and visa applications.

We take a consultancy style approach to the recruitment process and aspire to understand our clients’ long term objectives and what language proficiencies and skill sets are needed to achieve them: a very different approach to finding a candidate to match a job spec. Initiate International provides executive search and personalised recruitment services across a broad range of industries and disciplines to large international companies, as well as medium and small enterprises.

  • Professionally operated – Language Recruiters is the foreign language recruitment arm of Initiate
    International, an established global recruitment agency with over a decade experience in recruiting
    across Finance, Marketing, IT, Property, Gaming and BPO sectors.
  • Extensive online presence – A strong online presence is paramount to target young, online-savvy
    candidates. Our portfolio of mobile-friendly websites helps us to attract even sought-after foreign
    languages, like Swedish, Norwegian or Japanese. Our marketing team maintains our online presence,
    engages with followers and makes sure our websites rank page one on Google search.
  • Social Media Savvy – Our marketing team is in touch with the latest social recruitment techniques and
    uses them successfully to source candidates overseas.
  • Expat networking events – Being expats ourselves, we attend expat networking events in Cape Town and
    Johannesburg. Business networking events are a great place to pick up talented multilingual candidates
    who are already in South Africa.
  • Multilingual specialist recruiters – Our team at Language Recruiters understands the concerns foreign
    language candidates might have. During the initial screening our recruiters really drill down to establish
    if the candidate is suitable for the position and an extended stay in South Africa.
  • In-house immigration service – Initiate Immigration, our inhouse immigration service, specialises in
    Business and Work Visas and is in a privileged position to advise you on your immigration requirements.

If you need any additional information to recruiting foreign candidates in South Africa, please do not hesitate to contact our foreign language recruitment team.