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The financial sector, call centre and digital marketing industry are expanding rapidly in South Africa and there are plenty of “job + work visa” positions available in Cape Town, Johannesburg and the other smaller business hubs of the country for foreigners with language skills.

If you are a foreigner in South Africa, a bilingual candidate wanting to work in South Africa or if you are still thinking of fulfilling your dream of immigrating to South Africa, some of your questions will revolve around working and earning a living. Applying for the right work permit is relatively easy. Having said that, the immigration law in South Africa has changed recently and working with a professional immigration agency, such as Initiate Immigration, is advisable.

Keep in mind there is a whole jungle of possible work permit options available for those who seek employment in South Africa.

General Work Visas South Africa:

The General Work Permit is the most popular type of South African work visa for foreign nationals.

In order to apply for the General Work Permit, the employer must show evidentiary proof that employment was offered to South African citizens first, but that no local applicants with the required skills could be found to fill the vacant position. This usually involves the placement of an ad in the local newspaper or on other relevant job boards. The company also needs to show proof of the applicant’s skills, experience and/or qualifications. For more information on the General Work Visa click here.

Critical Skills Work Visas South Africa:

The South African Department of Home Affairs considers some skills and qualifications as critical. In these instances, foreign nationals with such qualifications and/or skills, may be able to obtain a Critical Skills Work Visa for South Africa. One of the greatest advantages of this work visa is that Critical Skills Work Visa holders are allowed to enter South Africa before in fact securing employment. Once in South Africa, individuals have up to 12 months to find and secure a job. The Critical Skills Work Visa is valid for a maximum duration of five years, with the possibility of extension. A Critical Skills Works Visa may be issued to candidates who fall under one of the categories stated on the Critical Skills List. For more information on the Critical Skills Work Visa, click here.

Intra-Company Transfer Visas South Africa:

Employees of multi-national companies on work visas, often need to be transferred between countries. In case of a transfer to South Africa, an Intra-Company Transfer Visa must be applied for. This visa is valid for four years. Keep in mind that there is no possibility of extension or renewal on this visa and a change of status needs to be applied for from the individual’s country of origin. Make sure you understand your legal situation before leaving your home country. For more information on Intra Company Transfer Work Permits click here.

Corporate Work Visas South Africa:

If you are a foreigner with particular language skills or unique skill sets, then the Corporate Work Visa is a good option. A Corporate Work Visa allows local or international companies based in South Africa to employ a substantial number of foreigners for a specified period of time. South African Immigration law allows for this when no suitable candidates have been found locally in terms of experience and qualifications. The company needs to submit a detailed plan which includes the number of staff needed, the employment period, remuneration and job description and proof that no suitable candidate was found locally. The company will apply for the Corporate Work Visa on behalf of the candidate, which speeds up the application process. For more information on the Corporate work visa click here.

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