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Make a Difference this Human Rights Day: 5 Ways South Africans Can Take Action

Human Rights Day in South Africa is a public holiday that is observed on the 21st of March every year. The day is dedicated to remembering the Sharpeville massacre, which occurred on the same date in 1960. On this day, South Africans are encouraged to reflect on the country’s past struggles for human rights and celebrate the progress made towards achieving equality and justice. Let’s explore some ways that South Africans can spend Human Rights Day.

Attend public events

Many cities and towns in South Africa hold public events to commemorate Human Rights Day. These events may include marches, parades, concerts, and other cultural activities. Attending these events is a great way to show your support for human rights and to connect with others who share your values.


Another way to spend Human Rights Day is to volunteer your time and skills to support a local organization or cause that promotes human rights. This could include volunteering at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or community center. You could also volunteer with an organisation that advocates for human rights, such as a civil rights group, refugee advocacy group, or LGBT+ rights group.

Educate yourself

Human Rights Day is also an opportunity to educate yourself about the history of human rights in South Africa and the ongoing struggles that people face today. You could read books, watch documentaries, or attend lectures and workshops that focus on human rights issues. This will help you gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing South Africans today and inspire you to take action.

Advocate for Human Rights

Advocating for human rights is an important way to make a difference in your community. You can do this by speaking out against injustices, supporting organisations that advocate for human rights, and contacting your elected officials to express your concerns about issues that affect human rights. You can also use social media to raise awareness about human rights issues and to connect with others who are passionate about the cause.

Reflect and remember

Finally, Human Rights Day is a time to reflect on the past and remember those who sacrificed so much to fight for human rights in South Africa. Take a moment to remember the victims of the Sharpeville massacre, as well as the many other activists who have fought for human rights over the years. Reflect on the progress that has been made, but also remember that there is still much work to be done to achieve true equality and justice for all South Africans.

Human Rights Day is an important occasion for South Africans to reflect on the past, celebrate progress, and renew their commitment to the ongoing struggle for human rights. Whether you attend public events, volunteer, educate yourself, advocate for human rights, or reflect and remember, there are many meaningful ways to spend Human Rights Day and make a positive difference in your community.

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