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Travel hacks for solo travellers

So, you’ve finally made up your mind to travel solo to South Africa, but there are a thousand questions running through your head. Right from what to pack, to hotel bookings – your first solo trip can be both crazy exciting and overwhelmingly scary. Here are some hacks to help you get the best out of your solo travel adventure.

Research and plan ahead

Get in touch with locals online to familiarise yourself with the place. Apart from popular tourist destinations, find out if there are any popular tourist scams. Save maps on your phone instead of pulling out a paper map and looking like a lost tourist and keep all important contacts handy. Locate local police stations and your embassy, so you know where to go in case of an emergency. Take care of your belongings, practice reasonable caution, and you’re bound to be safe.

Use travel apps

Technology is your friend. In recent years, many new apps have been developed to make travel easy and convenient. This can help with things from booking flights, activities and accommodation to translating foreign languages and meeting up with fellow travellers. Some of the most popular apps are Meetup (people with various interests that plan trips in your area), Couchsurfing (a verified free hosting site), Hostelworld (a booking site specifically for youth hostels), CurrencyConverter (check that dough) and TripLingo (a translating app).

Travel during the day

Travelling during daylight hours is your best as a solo traveller, since most incidents of theft and mugging are more likely to happen after dark.  In case you need to travel at night, choose a reliable mode of transport and be alert and cautious.

Keep in touch with someone from home

Keeping in touch with somebody at home is essential. We all know how relaxing a holiday can be, and sometimes you forget to check in. However, it’s essential to keep your family or a friend updated on your travel, especially when travelling alone to different locations. Send them a quick short message if you’re leaving for another place and send them any flight, train or hotel details if applicable.

Travelling solo is one of the most liberating and eye-opening experiencing you’ll ever have. You become more independent, street-smart, and confident. So, pack your bags, and we’ll see you in South Africa this summer. If you’re looking for an exciting career opportunity in South Africa, please click through to our job section.